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Why should I undergo bio-identical hormone therapy?

https://coquetavie.fr/4188-csfr88012-roulette-electronique-en-ligne.html Your body naturally stops producing key hormones that are in charge of maintaining your weight, your memory, your sex drive (libido), muscle mass, etcal., which causes an imbalance in your body. Undergoing bio-identical hormone therapy can correct this imbalance and get you back to being and feeling like yourself again.

Should I undergo bio-identical hormone therapy or conventional hormone therapy? What are the differences?

Salo namorar com homem mais novo yahoo We recommend undergoing bio-identical hormone therapy as it will integrate into your body in a much more benign manner as compared to conventional hormone therapy, which can result in uncomfortable side effects. The difference between bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones is dual fold.

Bāramūla sites de paquera para jovens Synthetic hormones most likely are patented by pharmaceutical companies; therefore dosage varies only by milligrams dictated by your doctor, while the molecular structure of the prescribed hormone is the same for every single person on that drug. Additionally, synthetic hormones are not created structurally the same as natural hormones created by the human body and therefore can lead to some uncomfortable side effects. In addition, though synthetic hormones can mimic the effects of endogenous hormones, they rarely offer the same effectiveness at a deeper, molecular level.

Bio-identical hormones mimic the affinity of naturally produced human hormones; therefore they are much more effective on a molecular level in the body as they are an exact structural replica of the natural hormone. This is not to say that bio-identical hormones are without any side effects for there are some that people will experience, but can be rectified easily by changing dosage. Another benefit of bio-identical hormone therapy is that dosage can increase or decrease depending on the needs of the patient.

How long do I have to continue this treatment for?

There is no easy answer for this as each individual’s needs are different. Sometimes the body balances much more quickly along with a regular diet and fitness program. In other times, it requires numerous sessions for the individual to finally be weened off of treatment. In the end it all comes done to genetics and every individual has a different genetic make up than an another. Therefore, an exact time line of when you would be weened off of treatment can’t be determined until you begin treatment and we can monitor how your body is reacting to the injected hormones.

Will my health insurance cover my treatments?

Though most insurance companies do cover conventional hormone therapy, not all of them cover bio-identical hormone therapy as it’s still a relatively new medical treatment. However, it’s best to call us and ask one of our professionals if we accept the health insurance coverage that you have.

How old do I have to be in order to get the best results for this treatment?

The optimal age for treatment varies per person. On average though, both men and women may begin to experience age-related hormone imbalances around the age of 40. Symptoms of Andropause, Pre-Menopause and Menopause, which classically occur around middle-age often prompt many individuals to seek treatment through hormone balance. It’s a good idea to have your hormone levels tested so that a base-line can be determined and the best age conduct a test such as this is in either your 20s or 30s. The baseline will help us know what your general hormone levels are and will help in your treatment during and after middle age when your hormone levels dip due to lack of production.