Female menstrual cycle chartBio-Identical Hormone Therapy

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https://alivert.be/94299-bel-homme-gay-76893/ https://alivert.be/94299-bel-homme-gay-76893/ Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy is used to treat hormone imbalance. Treatment achieves a balance of hormones which will help to improve symptoms of low thyroid, adrenal dysfunction, and hot flashes which are commonly present during mid-life hormonal changes.

https://inovalley.com/15357-image-50-ans-homme-91240/ https://inovalley.com/15357-image-50-ans-homme-91240/ As you age, you may notice that you are not able to function as well as you used to. You may be tired more often, have trouble sleeping, and trouble maintaining your everyday life. You may have trouble performing sexually, and have trouble losing or maintaining your weight. These symptoms could mean your hormones are unbalanced. With the use of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, we strive to relieve those symptoms.

rencontre zoophile gay rencontre zoophile gay The term Bio-Identical means that a hormone, although it is chemically synthesized, has the same molecular structure as the hormone produced in the body. These hormones are synthesized from a plant chemical, which is extracted from soy and yams, and altered in a lab, to become identical to the hormones of humans. Bio-identical hormones are looked at as a more natural form of hormone replacement therapy & include: Estriol, Estradiol, Testosterone, HGH, HCG, Progesterone, Melatonin, and more. These hormones are natural to the body because they are already produced in the human body. As we age our hormone levels decline and this is why we may be feeling the way we feel. Bio-Identical hormones are often used to relieve the symptoms of menopause and andropause (male menopause). Balancing your hormones is so important because unbalanced hormones can increase your risk for heart disease, adrenal fatigue, metabolic syndrome, and cancer.

Are My Hormones Imbalanced?

covid-19 global cases Uithoorn covid-19 global cases Uithoorn Some symptoms of imbalanced hormones include:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Mood Swings
  • Low Energy
  • Acne
  • Weight Gain
  • Insomnia
  • Not thinking clearly
  • Headaches

If you have a majority of these symptoms, you will most likely benefit from Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

How We Can Help

Therapy typically consists of using two types of Bio-Identical Hormones: Steroid Hormones, and Peptide Hormones. Steroid hormones include estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol. The most common and most important peptide hormone used for therapy are thyroid hormones. Hormone therapy can be beneficial for those having menopausal symptoms. Consult with our doctor if you want to learn more about Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.